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This is the interaction of two organisms where one is and the other is neither nor harmed.

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1. environmental factors, such as ph and temperature, can affect the function of an enzyme. a. true b. false 2. which of the following is an organic molecules (ex. vitamins) that an enzyme? a. coenzyme b. product c. active site d. substrate 3. how do enzymes effect the speed of a chemical reaction? a. they speed it up b. they slow it down c. they have no effect on the speed of a reaction 4. during a chemical reaction, an enzyme is used up so that it can only be used one time. a. true b. false 5. which of the following results from a chemical reaction that is catalyzed by an enzymes? a. active site b. product c. substrate d. coenzyme
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Explain how the number of similarities between the embryos from early stage to late stage is used as evidence of a common ancestry
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What is the process of a new plant growing from its seed into a seedling? primary growth fertilization pollination germination
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Which group of protists would be most likely to have cilia as adults and why? (1 point)the sporozoan protists would since they have to spread their spores around.the heterotrophic protists would since they use them to gather food.the parasitic protists would since they need to find other organisms to attack.the autotrophic protists would since they must move to find light.
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This is the interaction of two organisms where one is and the other is neither nor harmed....
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