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Abiologist counts the number of rabbits in a population each year and observes a decrease in population. since the coyote population has exploded, the biologist concludes that the coyote population has had a negative interaction with the rabbit population. which describes the biologist’s actions? a.) experimentationb.) inferencec.) observationd.) interacting

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Why would a drug that damages capsids treat a viral infection? a. capsids prevent the lytic cycle from beginning. b. transduction requires a capsid. c. viruses use capsids to increase genetic variation. d. capsids provide protection for viruses.
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Asmall number of finches are removed randomly from the wild and placed in a protected bird area. they are given as much food as they need and have plenty of space. why would natural selection not occur in this population? a. there is no reason for genetic mutation to occur. b. the birds compete for limited resources, c. the population has not reached carrying capacity. d. there is no genetic variation in the finches.
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Atypical human cell is approximately 12.00 μm in diameter and enclosed by a membrane that is 5.000 nm thick. (a) what is the volume of the cell including the membrane? (b) what is the volume of the cell membrane? (c) what percent of the total volume does its membrane occupy? to simplify the calculations, model the cell as a sphere. enter your answers using four significant figures.
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Why do leaves change color in the fall? green pigments break down and no longer mask the color of chlorophyll. chlorophyll breaks down and no longer masks the colors of other pigments. red- and yellow-colored pigments grow and mask green-colored chlorophyll. green-colored chlorophyll breaks down and turns red and yellow.
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