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When cell phones were first entering the market, they were relatively large and reception was undependable. all cell phones were essentially the same. but as the technology developed, many competitors entered, introducing features unique to their phones. today, cell phones are only a small fraction of the size and weight of their predecessors. consumers can buy cell phones with color screens, cameras, internet access, daily planners, or voice activation (and any combination of these features). the history of the cell phone demonstrates what marketing trend?

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The bristol corporation buys equipment on january 1, year one, for $50,000. it has a ten-year life and an expected residual value of $5,000. the double-declining balance method of determining depreciation is applied. the equipment actually loses exactly 10 percent of its initial value every year. on january 1, year three, this equipment is traded for some new machinery that has a fair value of $42,000. at what amount should this new machinery be recorded by bristol? a. $28,800b. $32,000c. $40,000d. $42,000
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What are two benefits of consumer programs
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Exercise 7-18 larkspur corporation factors $252,500 of accounts receivable with kathleen battle financing, inc. on a with recourse basis. kathleen battle financing will collect the receivables. the receivables records are transferred to kathleen battle financing on august 15, 2017. kathleen battle financing assesses a finance charge of 2% of the amount of accounts receivable and also reserves an amount equal to 4% of accounts receivable to cover probable adjustments. (b) assume that the conditions are met for the transfer of receivables with recourse to be accounted for as a sale. prepare the journal entry on august 15, 2017, for larkspur to record the sale of receivables, assuming the recourse liability has a fair value of $4,940. (if no entry is required, select "no entry" for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts. credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. do not indent manually.)
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Astudy has been conducted to determine if one of the departments in parry company should be discontinued. the contribution margin in the department is $50,000 per year. total fixed expenses charged to the department are $65,000 per year. it is estimated that $40,000 of these fixed expenses could be eliminated if the department is discontinued. these data indicate that if the department is discontinued, the company's overall operating income would:
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When cell phones were first entering the market, they were relatively large and reception was undepe...
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