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George alexander pays $9,300 in tuition and fees in december 2018, and his child began college in january 2019. he filed his 2018 tax return on february 14, 2019 and claimed a lifetime learning credit of $1,860. he claimed no other tax credits. after he filed his return, his child withdrew from two courses and george received a refund of $2,900. he must refigure his 2018 lifetime learning credit using $6,400 of qualified education expenses instead of $9,300. after george refigures the credit, he determines his tax liability increased by what amount

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Sarah borrowed $16,500 on may 23 with interest due on september 3. if the interest rate is 9%, find the interest on the loan using exact interest and ordinary interest.
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The following is an excerpt from a conversation between two sales clerks, jean moen and sara cheney. jean and sara are employed by turpin meadows electronics, a locally owned and operated electronics retail store.jean: did you hear the news? sara: what news? jean: neal and linda were both arrested this morning.sara: what? arrested? you’re putting me onjean: no, really! the police arrested them first thing this morning. put them in handcuffs, read them their rights the whole works. it was unrealsara: what did they do? jean: well, apparently they were filling out merchandise refund forms for fictitious customers and then taking the cash.sara: i guess i never thought of that. how did they catch them? jean: the store manager noticed that returns were twice that of last year and seemed to be increasing. when he confrontedneal, he became flustered and admitted to taking the cash, apparently over $9,000 in just three months. they’re going over the last six months’ transactions to try to determine how much linda stole. she apparently started stealing first.suggest appropriate control procedures that would have prevented or detected the theft of cash.
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An unlevered firm has a cost of capital of 17.5 percent and earnings before interest and taxes of $327,500. a levered firm with the same operations and assets has both a book value and a face value of debt of $650,000 with a 7.5 percent annual coupon. the applicable tax rate is 38 percent. what is the value of the levered firm?
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George alexander pays $9,300 in tuition and fees in december 2018, and his child began college in ja...
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