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A farmhand would like to buy a moped scooter to commute to his job at a nearby ranch. He doesn’t know how to find a dealer though, and doesn’t have Internet access. Which of the following reasons explain why marketing fails to occur here?

a. There are not two or more parties with unsatisfied needs.
b. A desire to satisfy a need is missing.
c. No assessments of consumer wants and needs have been made.
d. There is no way for the parties involved to communicate.
e. The ability to satisfy a need is missing.

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An employer who is considering hiring eva has asked donna, eva’s former supervisor, for a report on eva. in truth, eva’s work for donna has been only average. however, eva is donna’s friend, and donna knows that eva probably will not get the job if she says anything negative about eva, and donna knows that eva desperately needs the job. further, donna knows that if the situation were reversed, she would not want eva to mention her deficiencies. nevertheless, it has been donna’s policy to reveal the deficiencies of employees when she has been asked for references by employers, and she knows that some of eva’s faults may be bothersome to this particular employer. finally, this employer has leveled with donna in the past when donna has asked for a report on people who have worked for him. should donna reveal deficiencies in eva’s past performance? (remember to use one of the three moral theories acceptable for this test to solve this dilemma. any discussion of any personal opinion, religious perspective, or theory other than the moral theories acceptable for this test will result in a score of "0" for this question.)
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Which analyst position analyzes information using mathematical models to business managers make decisions? -budget analyst -management analyst -credit analyst -operations research analyst
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Paddock pools constructed a swimming pool and deck for the jensens' home. paddock installed the wrong trim on the pool. it would cost $2800 to change the trim-one-fifth of the total cost of the pool. the jensens refuse to pay anything for the pool. the paddock's best defense is: (a) duress (b) substanial performance (c)mistake (d) failure of conditions
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Interpreting the income tax expense footnote the income tax footnote to the financial statements of fedex corporation follows. the components of the provision for income taxes for the years ended may 31 were as follows: ($ millions) 2010 2009 2008 current provision domestic federal $ 36 $ (35) $ 514 state and local 54 18 74 foreign 207 214 242 297 197 830 deferred provisions (benefit) domestic federal 408 327 31 state and local 15 48 (2) foreign (10) 7 32 413 382 61 provision for income taxes $ 710 $ 579 $ 891 (a)what is the amount of income tax expense reported in fedex's 2010, 2009, and 2008 income statements?
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