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How many atoms of oxygen are contained in 160 grams of n2o3

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Motivation cannot be developed with practice; a person either possesses it or they do not.
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Matches the chemical name of each oxide of phosphorus to its chemical formula
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You mix the pks of succinic acid are 4.21 and 5.64. how many gramsa graduate student at sdsu wants to measure the activity of a particular enzyme at ph 4.0. to buffer her reaction, she will use a buffer system based on one of the acids listed below, which acid is most appropriate for the experiment? of monosodium succinate (fw = 140 g/mol) and disodium succinate (fw = 162 g/mol) must be added to 1 l of water to produce a solution with a ph 5.28 and a total solute concentration of 100 mm? (assume the total volume remains 1 liter, answer in grams monosodium succinate, grams disodium succinate, respectively.) volumes of 0.05 m nah2po4 and 0.05 m na2hpo4 (pk's for phosphoric acid are 2.15, 6.82 and 12.38). which of the following best describes the resulting solution?
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The following reaction shows the products when sulfuric acid and aluminum hydroxide react. al(oh)3 + h2so4 → al2(so4)3 + h2o the table shows the calculated amounts of reactants and products when the reaction was conducted in a laboratory. sulfuric acid aluminum hydroxide initial amount of reactant 40 g 15 g theoretical yield of water from reactant 14.69 g 10.38 g what is the approximate amount of the leftover reactant? 11.73 g of sulfuric acid 10.33 g of sulfuric acid 11.12 g of aluminum hydroxide 13.67 g of aluminum hydroxide
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