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Find the value of 'a' and 'b' angle xqr is 180

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Read the excerpt. while i am i, and you are you, so long as the world contains us both, me the loving and you the loth, while the one eludes, must the other pursue. what do these lines, from โ€œlife in a loveโ€ by robert browning, convey about the speakerโ€™s pursuit of his beloved? eventually, they will switch roles, and she will chase him. he will try to win her love for as long as they are both alive. if they lived in a different time and place, he would not love her. they are meant for each other, and he is certain that they will be together.
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Which revision of this sentence best uses direct characterization?
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Which sentence would not be appropriate for an essay or formal speech? a) most of the titles of faulkner's novels are references to the bible or to the works of william shakespeare. eliminate b) some critics believe that faulkner's novel the sound and the fury is the best novel of his entire career. c) the novels of william faulkner are way too hard to read, yo, filled with all these frustrating changing narrators! d) william faulkner traveled all the way from his home state of mississippi to sweden in order to make his nobel prize acceptance speech.
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Complete the sentence. when trying to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word, you should first replace the unfamiliar word with a synonym that you identified based on the context clues. remove the unfamiliar word from the sentence. think of an antonym for the unfamiliar word. look for context clues that indicate the word's meaning.
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