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Include your introduction paragraph from your introduction lesson. write three body paragraphs for your article. write a topic sentence for each body paragraph. clearly support your topic sentence with valid evidence from your research. use signal phrases with a direct quote in your article. use transition phrases to connect ideas, sentences, and paragraphs. use precise language to show your understanding of your topic. use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. write in the third person point of view. will award ! plzzz in need it now plz the topic is on everyday monsters and the only thing i need is a body paragraph on how komodo dragons are an everyday monster

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Which statement best explains how the setting affects the meaning of the story? a. the water and wave motif conveys the queasy feeling the narrator has when walking alone at night. b. the firefly light conveys a feeling of nostalgia for long summer evenings spent with family. c. the phrase whispering and murmurs" suggests that the main character has fits of madness. d. the comparison of the street to a graveyard suggests that something is terribly wrong with society.
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What do you think tennyson is saying about the role of the artist and the connection of the artist to his or her society? cite evidence from the poem to support your view. your answer should be at least one hundred words.
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In this excerpt, the sequence of events creates suspence by story cruel tribute
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What are your educational and professional goals and how will this program you achieve your goals?
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Include your introduction paragraph from your introduction lesson. write three body paragraphs for y...
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