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Which 3 parts of this exercpt make the game sound like a hunt?

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Assp - why is it important to participate in a global economy? write a paragraph of 2 to 3 sentences that explains your answer?
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Ead this excerpt from the introduction to wheels of change by sue macy. imagine a population imprisoned by their very clothing; the stiff corsets, heavy skirts, and voluminous petticoats that made it difficult to take a deep breath, let alone exercise. add to that the laws and social conventions that cemented a man's place as head of the household and holder of the purse strings. how suffocated women must have felt. and how liberated they must have been as they pedaled their wheels toward new horizons. why does the author include this excerpt?
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What are two reasons why hamlet has for making the request of the actors? (hamlet)
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Which statement best summarizes the claim and purpose of the previous passage from sugar changed the world? the authors’ purpose is to inform readers of how advances in sugar production improve working conditions for many laborers. the authors’ purpose is to entertain readers with anecdotes about sugar production that show how sugar affected several world wars. the authors’ purpose is to persuade readers to agree that sugar production sparked the exploration of north america and other parts of the world. the authors’ purpose is to persuade readers that sugar production created a system that relied on slavery, but also paved the way for revolution.
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Which 3 parts of this exercpt make the game sound like a hunt?...
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