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Oof more questions ovo'' (sowwy, i will gib you 46 pts, just meh pls, and answers must be correct)

1. plagiarism select all that apply.

is the use of someone else's work without documentation
is dishonest
is okay unless you are writing something that will be sold
can lead to serious punishment
can be avoided by documenting your sources

2. any information that you need to look up for an assignment comes from a (teacher or source)

3. when a book has more than two authors, the latin phrase is used.

et al.
e pluribus
et tu

4. which of the following are characteristics of in-text citations? select all that apply.

immediately before the information or quotation to be documented
immediately after the information or quotation to be documented
enclosed in parentheses
very brief
complete information about a source
gives all of the exact information as on the works cited page

5. put your in-text citation at the end of every (direct quotation, paragraph or page), after a sentence or sentences containing information same, a different) source, or at the end of (paragraph or page) if all the information comes from one source.

6. if you have cited the author's name in your paragraph, you (do or do not) need to repeat it within the parentheses.

then you (authors name and page number, authors name, page number) in parentheses.

7. below are in-text citations for an encyclopedia article. select the one that is completely correct.

(queen victoria, 356)
("queen victoria," p. 356)
("queen victoria," 356)
("queen victoria" 356)

(and again im really sorry, imma mark you the brainliest if you answer this first correctly)

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