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Which of these passages from "Where Have All the Fires Gone?" BEST supports this main idea? Fire is often essential to the health of a landscape. Places that had known regular fire, perhaps for thousands of years, suffered when those fires vanished. Set aside and protected as reserves, the public lands have witnessed staggering biotic changes that could not have occurred had fire continued.

Pre-Columbian peoples fired along routes of travel, and they burned patches where flame could help them extract some resource—camas, deer, huckleberries, maize.

Did American Indians really burn the land? Of course they did. All peoples do, even those committed to industrial combustion, who disguise their fires in machines.

Worse, that too-simple explanation for the missing flame sustains a problematic myth: that Europe found a wilderness and tried to render it into a garden.

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Which of these passages from "Where Have All the Fires Gone?" BEST supports this main idea? Fire is...
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