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Is wisdom a proper noun

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Look at the painting. what elements did the artist use to illustrate a sense of confusion and concern? check all that apply. the use of a bright setting the subject’s facial expression the use of shadows and darkness the use of color in the subject’s eyes the subject’s body language
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One of the girls brought some candy for you. the prepositional phrase(s) is/are __
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Determine the technical meaning of complexity arc
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"so doom appeared to us, dark word of zues for us, our evil days. my men stood up and made a fight of it. backed on the ships, with lances kept in play, from bright morning thriugh the blaze of noon so holding our beach, although so far outnumbered. which elements of epic poetry are demonstrated in this passage? " check all that apply. a. repetition epic hero showing bravery in battle. c. an invocation of the muse. d. a difficult journey with trials. e. supernatural elements
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