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HELP Prompt: Craft a poem where you explain something that is famous to you that is not widely noticed by the rest of the world. Think about Nye’s poem “Famous” and create a poem using a similar structure and style.

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In this unit ,we learned about arguments and an argument we ,not informal language.
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Read this exerpt from the prologue of act 2 romeo and juliet which best summarized the pupose of the exerpt
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Describe the various instances that depict candace lapidus as an archetype for any academician from the lesson gogol's first day.
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The harlem renaissance dawned in an era of pervasive racism and segregation. although legally "free," many african americans were still bound by ideas that had their roots in the slavery of earlier centuries. identity and freedom are important ideas presented in many of the poems from the harlem renaissance. furthermore, the values of identity and freedom are not unique to particular times and places. as hughes expresses in "dream variations," all humans want to be able to develop their identities in freedom. what role does freedom play in the poems you read in this unit? what is required of a society to enable each individual to be true to his or her identity and be free to live by that identity? write about at least three of the poems, describing how the poet uses imagery to depict freedom and identity, the lack of it, or the desire for it.
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HELP Prompt: Craft a poem where you explain something that is famous to you that is not widely noti...
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