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Do you like anime? if so answer if you know thease animes My hero acidamia (ok everyone should know this one)
Hunter x Hunter
Death note
demon slayer
black clover
high school DXD

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Hich is an example of a compare and contrast text structure? a cinquain poem differs from a diamante poem in the number of lines and the approach to subject matter the first step to writing a cinquain poem is to choose a one-word subject to use as the first line if having trouble writing poetry begin with an easier format such as cinquain or diamante it is best to write a diamante poem for the class project because its format fits the subject matter well
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Which line from “a simple way to create suspense” best supports the central idea that writers should not give their readers answers too quickly? a. the reader learns to chase, and the momentum becomes unstoppable. b. so writers are taught to focus on ingredients and their combination. c. we had to invent a solution to the serious problem it posed. d. thus the principle works in a micro sense, as well as in a macro one.
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Reading poetry to an audience is considered a form of a. vocal art. b. oral language. c. conversational skills. d. performance cues.
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How do sotomayor’s descriptions of her family most likely affect readers? they show readers how latina families decorate their homes. they give readers images of the importance of family. they describe the struggle sotomayor endured in becoming a judge. they give readers feelings of hopelessness and desperation.
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Do you like anime? if so answer if you know thease animes My hero acidamia (ok everyone should kno...
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