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please some one help me. write about the subject of the electronic study. The electronic exams that we are subject to at the present time, and whether in your opinion this is true or something wrong and what are its advantages and disadvantages of the electronic study?โ€‹

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Which of the following is often true of reinterpretations of traditional stories in different media, such as painting or sculpture? o a. the main plot of the story changes. b. the perspective changes. o c. the characters stay the same. d. the theme differs. submit
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Re-read paragraph seven and eight. what influence the arm standoff between two rival native american tribes in wounded knee, south dakota
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The vast muslim world was wonderful for the growth of knowledge. the greeks had developed a level of practical experience and technical understanding a thousand years more advanced than anyone else nearby. the muslims began to translate some of these ancient greek texts. from india, muslims learned of the zero, which allowed them to invent what we still call "arabicโ€ numerals. and because the koran, the sacred book of islam, is written in arabic, scholars throughout the muslim world learned to read arabic and to share their knowledge. the muslims swept past jundi shapur and learned the secrets of sugar. as they conquered lands around the mediterranean sea, they spread word of how to grow, mill, and refine the sweet reed. how do the details in the passage support the central idea? the details describe the important role muslims played in spreading knowledge throughout the world. the details clarify the role jundi shapur played in spreading the secrets of sugar to the rest of the world. the details describe how muslims used knowledge from only the greeks to make innovations. the details reveal how important the koran was in muslims conquer other lands
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Why is dante's inferno an example of juxtaposition? a. because dante wrote the story out of anger at having been banished from italian society b. because the story's characters are a mix of ancient figures and people from dante's own time c. because the story takes place in dante's personal vision of the afterlife, and not the accepted one d. because dante used the inferno to speak out against immorality and crimes against common people
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please some one help me. write about the subject of the electronic study. The electronic exams that...
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