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What was mexico giving american in return?

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Ahistorian is writing a book about british prime minister winston churchill. she claims that churchill was one of the earliest british leaders to realize that nazi germany was a serious threat to british security what is the best way to determine whether the historian's interpretation is valid? o a. review primary sources to see if churchill ever recorded his opinions of nazi germany. o b. find out whether the historian has written any other books about british leaders. c. analyze secondary sources summarizing the effects of nazi germany on great britain. o d. cite the historian's book in another study about important 20th- century world leaders.
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In 2001 mexico imposed a 20% tax on all soft drinks not made from sugar cane high fractals corn sit-up which is made from corn, is often used in place of cane sugar to manufacture soft drinks. which nation would most likely be impacted by mexico’s policy change?
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What does the image best show regarding life for many indias people under british rule?
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Which option best describes how the printing press transformed european society? (a) prior to the printing press, the catholic church hand-copied texts and disseminated them to peasants. (b) prior to the printing press, the church of england did not allow peasants to learn to read. (c) prior to the printing press, the orthodox church recited luther’s “95 theses” aloud to peasants. (d) prior to the printing press, knowledge was reserved primarily for nobles and clergy.
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