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Write the number with 5 hundreds and 2 thousands

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Pls , the question is in the picture!
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Find the image of a(4, -2) after it is reflected over the line y= 2, then reflected over the line x = 2. (-8,6) o (0.-2) o (0,6) (-8, -2)
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Arectangular prism has a height of 12 centimeters and a square base with sides rheasuring 5 centimeters. a pyramid with the same base and half the height of the prism is placed inside the prism, as shown in the figure er con moderne the volume of the space outside the pyramid but inside the prism is cubic centimeters
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Aplane is taking off from bangladesh headed to new york city. at the same time, a plane from new york city is headed to bangladesh is also taking off. the plane bound to new york city is traveling at 600 mph, while the plane traveling to bangladesh is traveling at 400 mph. how far from new york city will the two planes meet if the distance between new york city and bangladesh is 8,000 miles?
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Write the number with 5 hundreds and 2 thousands...
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