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What is the area of the trapezoid shown ?

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Under normal conditions, 1.5 feet of snow will melt into 2 inches of water. during a winter season high in the mountains, 301 feet of snow fell. how many inches of water will there be when the snow melts?
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Max recorded the heights of 500 male humans. he found that the heights were normally distributed around a mean of 177 centimeters. which statements about max’s data must be true? a) the median of max’s data is 250 b) more than half of the data points max recorded were 177 centimeters. c) a data point chosen at random is as likely to be above the mean as it is to be below the mean. d) every height within three standard deviations of the mean is equally likely to be chosen if a data point is selected at random.
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Jude is making cement for a driveway. the instructions show the amount of each ingredient to make 1 batch of cement. complete each statement to adjust the ingredients for each new situation if jude uses these instructions.
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Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb ser or estar to say where the following people are from or where they are right now claudia y maria en méxico
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What is the area of the trapezoid shown ?...
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