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When only separate discreet points are graphed it is called?

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Revirite the formula to determine the area covered by one can of paint. alyssa and her father are going to paint the house this summer. they know they'll need 6 cans of paint. enter the correct answer. 000 done a formula that describes this scenario is (licierali 000 oo 6 w w = the total area of the walls p = area covered by a can of paint
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Three baby penguins and their father were sitting on an iceberg 0.50.50, point, 5 meters above the surface of the water. the father dove down 4.74.74, point, 7 meters from the iceberg into the water to catch dinner for his kids. what is the father penguin's position relative to the surface of the water?
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Whats are the trickiest steps to do when adding or subtracting rational expressions? how does knowledge of rational numbers u in adding and subtracting rational expressions?
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Solve the following equation for x using a table of values (nearest fourth of a unit), graphing technology, and successive approximation (three iterations). the solution lies between x = -2 and x = -1
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When only separate discreet points are graphed it is called?...
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