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What is the product of 3a + 5 and 2a2 + 4a - 2? ​

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Name these type of angles shown check all that applies
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Nick and nora are married and have three children in college. they have an adjusted gross income of 47,400. if their standard deduction is 12,600 itemized deductions are 14,200 and they get an exemption of 4000 for each adult and each dependent what is their taxable income
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Aperpendicular bisector, cd is drawn through point con ab if the coordinates of point a are (-3, 2) and the coordinates of point b are (7,6), the x-intercept of cd is point lies on cd.
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The diagonals of a quadrilaretral intersect at (-1,4). one of the sides of the quadrilateral is bounded by (2,7) and (-3,5) determine the coordinates of the other side in order for the quadrilaretral to be a square.
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What is the product of 3a + 5 and 2a2 + 4a - 2? ​...
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