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A chemist is researching different sustainable fuel sources. She is currently working with benzene, which must be in liquid form for her to successfully conduct her research. The boiling point of benzene is 176° F, and the freezing point is 42° F. Part A: Write an inequality to represent the temperatures the benzene must stay between to ensure it remains liquid. (2 points)

Part B: Describe the graph of the inequality completely from Part A. Use terms such as open/closed circles and shading directions. Explain what the solutions to the inequality represent. (4 points)

Part C: In February, the building's furnace broke and the temperature of the building fell to 20° F. Would the chemist have been able to conduct her research with benzene on this day? Why or why not? (4 points)

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Can you me find the missing length. i attached an image.
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You know the right answer?
A chemist is researching different sustainable fuel sources. She is currently working with benzene,...
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