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The profit p in dollars of selling x widgets and y gadgets is given by the function p(x, y)=7x+6y. Which corner point of the shaded region will maximize the profit?

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When are triangles considered similar? a. corresponding angles are equal andcorresponding sides are proportionalb. corresponding angles are proportional andcorresponding sides are equalc. corresponding angles are equal orcorresponding sides are proportionald. corresponding angles are proportional orcorresponding sides are equal select the best answer from the choices providedmark this and retumsave and exitnext
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In a study of the relationship between socio-economic class and unethical behavior, 129 university of california undergraduates at berkeley were asked to identify themselves as having low or high social-class by comparing themselves to others with the most (least) money, most (least) education, and most (least) respected jobs. they were also presented with a jar of individually wrapped candies and informed that the candies were for children in a nearby laboratory, but that they could take some if they wanted. after completing some unrelated tasks, participants reported the number of candies they had taken. it was found that those who were identiď¬ed as upper-class took more candy than others. in this study, identify: (a) the cases, (b) the variables and their types, (c) the main research question, (d) identify the population of interest and the sample in this study, and (e) comment on whether or not the results of the study can be generalized to the population, and if the ď¬ndings of the study can be used to establish causal relationships.
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If f (x) = 2x2 +5/(x-2), complete the following statement: f(6) =
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How many degrees are there in the central angles in a circle
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The profit p in dollars of selling x widgets and y gadgets is given by the function p(x, y)=7x+6y. W...
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