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Shelly exercised for 15 minutes. describe the turn the minute hand made?

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Aclinical trial was conducted to determine if a certain type of inoculation has an effect on the incidence of a certain disease. a sample of 1000 rats was kept in a controlled environment for a period of 1 year, and 500 of the rats were given the inoculation. in the group not inoculated, there were 120 incidences of the disease, while 98 of the rats in the inoculated group contracted it. if p1 is the probability of incidence of the disease in uninoculated rats and p2 the probability of incidence in inoculated rats, compute a 90% confidence interval for p1 − p2.
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Consider this equation. |y + 6| = 2 what can be concluded of the equation? check all that apply. there will be one solution. there will be two solutions. the solution to –(y + 6) = 2 will be also be a solution to the given absolute value equation. the solution(s) will be the number(s) on the number line 2 units away from –6. the value of y must be positive since the variable is inside absolute value signs.
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Tell whether the two rates form a proportion
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Solve for x and y. in a right triangle, a perpendicular segment, labeled x, is drawn from the right angle to the hypotenuse. the segment of hypotenuse on one side of the perpendicular segment has length 8 and has length 4 on the other side. the side of the triangle adjacent to segment of length 8 has length y. y 4
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Shelly exercised for 15 minutes. describe the turn the minute hand made?...
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