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What's the value of 1000^1/3

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Which of the following statement about pascal's triangle are true? ​
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(05.08a)triangle abc is transformed to similar triangle a′b′c′ below: a coordinate plane is shown. triangle abc has vertices a at 2 comma 6, b at 2 comma 4, and c at 4 comma 4. triangle a prime b prime c prime has vertices a prime at 1 comma 3, b prime at 1 comma 2, and c prime at 2 comma 2. what is the scale factor of dilation? 1 over 2 1 over 3 1 over 4 1 over 5
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Aclothing store has the sign shown in the shop window. pani sees the sign and wants to buy 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. the cost of each shirt before the discount is $12, and the cost of each pair of jeans is $19 before the discount. write and simplify an expression to find the amount pani pays if a $3 discount is applied to her total
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The graph of the function f(x) = sqrt x is shown. what is the range of the function?
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What's the value of 1000^1/3...
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