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Name a suitable plece of equipment that could be used to measure the length of the pool.​

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In which of the following cases is work being done on an object? question 2 options: pulling a trailer up a hill carrying a box down a corridor suspending a heavy weight with a strong chain pushing against a locked door
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Ineed the answers for these promblems i have
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Why is rain likely when warm, moisture-laden air meets cold air? a) the lighter warm air will rise and cool down, causing condensation and rain. b) the cold air moves faster and pushes the warm air away, causing condensation and rain. c) the moisture in the warm air condenses on contact with the cold air, causing rain to fall. d) the cold air mixes with the warm air, reducing its temperature causing moisture to condense.
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The particle p starts from rest at point a at time t = 0 and changes its speed thereafter at a constant rate of 2.8g as it follows the horizontal path shown. determine the magnitude and direction of its total acceleration (a) just before point b, (b) just after point b, and (c) as it passes point c. state your directions relative to the x-axis shown (ccw positive) and choose the angle with the smallest magnitude.
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Name a suitable plece of equipment that could be used to measure the length of the pool.​...
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