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Which was not listed as a hazard of mining.

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here we know that ball will drop down by total distance 3.2 m

so here we know that

v_{yi} = 0

\delta y = - 3.2 m

now using kinematics

\delta y = v_{yi} t + \frac{1}{2}at^2

-3.2 = 0 -\frac{1}{2}(9.8) t^2

t = 0.81 s

now in the same time it will cover horizontal distance of 0.75 m

\delta x = 0.75m

so speed of the ball will be

v = \frac{delta x }{\delta t}

v = \frac{0.75}{0.81} = 0.93 m/s

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there is no change in the electric potential energy as it is in rest on both conditions.

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It indicates no change in temperature and the process of matter changing its state
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russian is not my first language, so i'm afraid i can't write out an answer in russian, but hopefully you can find a way to do so. here's my best translation of the problem: you're given a plot of a particle's position in one-dimensional space over time, and you're asked to find either the total distance traveled by the particle after 6 seconds had elapsed, or the total displacement of the particle after 6 seconds.

if you want the total distance traveled, you would first need to determine the particle's velocity as a function of time, then integrate that over the 6-second interval. we know the position function is quadratic with roots at 0 and 6, so we have


where a is unknown. because the position is parabolic, there is symmetry about the midpoint at t=3, and we know that

x(3)=10\implies -9a=10\implies a=-\dfrac{10}9

so that the position function is


which means the velocity is

v(t)=\dfrac{\mathrm dx}{\mathrm dt}=-\dfrac{20}9x+\dfrac{60}9

then the total distance traveled is

\displaystyle\int_{t=0}^{t=6}|v(t)|\,\mathrm dt=\left\{\int_{t-0}^{t=3}-\int_{t=3}^{t=6}\right\}v(t)\,\mathrm dt=20

so the total distance traveled is 20 m.

on the other hand, if you want to find displacement: the particle starts at x=0 and ends at x=0, so its displacement is 0.

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