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What challenges did nigeria faced after it gained its independence from britain

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Eter lives in a beautiful region. peter and other residents of his region use water from the river that flows through their region. recently, mark industries decided to set up their chemical plant near that river. peter realized that the waste from the chemical plant would pollute the river. he decided to seek a legal ordinance that would restrict the use of land near that river for specific use only. which type of zoning will peter and his region?
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Create two brief scenarios that demonstrate opportunity cost. be sure to point out clearly what the opportunity cost is. write your first scenario for this question
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On which area of the map would you most likely find people belonging to the kurdish ethnic group? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 sroy no pic i could't do it
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"round-the-clock" news coverage a) is no longer available in many areas. b) has resulted in biased news coverage. c) has not americans stay well-informed on issues. d) provides americans with immediate access to world events.
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What challenges did nigeria faced after it gained its independence from britain...
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