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"when parents are their children are likely to react in a concerned way to the distress of others. warm and sensitive permissive authoritarian attentive, but discourage emotional expressiveness"

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Name two things the mycenaeans learned from the minoans
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Aresearcher conducting behavioral research collects individually identifiable sensitive information about illicit drug use and other illegal behaviors by surveying college students. the data are stored on a laptop computer without encryption, and the laptop computer is stolen from the researcher’s car on the way home from work. this is an unanticipated problem that must be reported because the incident was (a) unexpected (i.e., the researchers did not anticipate the theft); (b) related to participation in the research; and (c) placed the subjects at a greater risk of psychological and social harm from the breach in confidentiality of the study data than was previously known or recognized. according to ohrp, this unanticipated problem must be reported to the irb in which timeframe? promptlywithin 48 hourswithin 24 hourswithin two weeks
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Awaiver of the requirement for documentation of informed consent may be granted when: the investigator has no convenient place to store signed consent forms separate from the research datathe only record linking the subject and the research is the consent document and the principal risk is a breach of confidentiality.potential subjects might find some of the research questions embarrassing, personal, or intrusivethe subjects are literate in their own language; however, they do not read, write, or speak english
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An individual who is experiencing a prolonged period of stress would likely have levels of circulating than an individual who was not experiencing stress.
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"when parents are their children are likely to react in a concerned way to the distress of others....
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