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The term succession refers to the natural, predictable change over time of the species which inhabit a particular ecosystem. Certain species become
less abundant or disappear entirely, while others thrive. There are two basic types of succession: primary and secondary. Primary succession follows the
formation of a totally new habitat, such as when a lava flow creates new land which lacks soil or vegetation. Secondary succession is triggered by a
disturbance which resets the plant community but leaves soil relatively intact, such as a wildfire, hurricane, or timber harvest
What statements describe succession in this situation: a retreating glacier?
A retreating glacier is followed by primary succession
A retreating glacier is followed by secondary succession.
Typical of soil formers are lichens and moss.
Pioneer species grow once soil develops.
The climax community consists of many deciduous species
Hemlock seedlings are more shade-tolerant than spruce and become the dominant climax species
During the intermediate stage, seeds of small trees and shrubs such as willows blow in the plants grow
but are eventually replaced

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The term succession refers to the natural, predictable change over time of the species which inhabit...
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