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Customers who shop on amazon find it to read the customer reviews associated with products that others have purchased. after making a purchase, the customer can go to amazon's website and post his/her opinion of the product recently purchased. this strategy not only assists other customers with their decision making, it amazon react more quickly to the performance of the products it sells. which of the following statements attests to the value of this service.

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On october 2, 2016 starbucks corporation reported, on its form 10-k, the following (in millions): total assets $14,329.5 total stockholders' equity 5,890.7 total current liabilities 4,546.9 what did starbucks report as total liabilities on october 2, 2016? select one: a. $12,516.7 million b. $6,377.3 million c. $995.0 million d. $8,438.8 million e. none of the above
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Assume the perpetual inventory method is used. 1) the company purchased $14,000 of merchandise on account under terms 2/10, n/30. 2) the company returned $3,500 of merchandise to the supplier before payment was made. 3) the liability was paid within the discount period. 4) all of the merchandise purchased was sold for $22,000 cash. what effect will the return of merchandise to the supplier have on the accounting equation?
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For each of the following situations, indicate whether you agree or disagree with the financial reporting practice employed and state the basic assumption, component, or accounting principle that is applied (if you agree) or violated (if you disagree).wagner corporation adjusted the valuation of all assets and liabilities to reflect changes in the purchasing power of the dollar.spooner oil company changed its method of accounting for oil and gas exploration costs from successful efforts to full cost. no mention of the change was included in the financial statements. the change had a material effect on spooner's financial statements.cypress manufacturing company purchased machinery having a five-year life. the cost of the machinery is being expensed over the life of the machinery.rudeen corporation purchased equipment for $180,000 at a liquidation sale of a competitor. because the equipment was worth $230,000, rudeen valued the equipment in its subsequent balance sheet at $230,000.davis bicycle company received a large order for the sale of 1,000 bicycles at $100 each. the customer paid davis the entire amount of $100,000 on march 15. however, davis did not record any revenue until april 17, the date the bicycles were delivered to the customer.gigantic corporation purchased two small calculators at a cost of $32.00. the cost of the calculators was expensed even though they had a three-year estimated useful life.esquire company provides financial statements to external users every three years.
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George retired from a local law firm and then volunteered to oversee a nonprofit's legal records. george is performing the duties of a:
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