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A mutual fund that does not charge a commission or sales charge is called an open-end fund.
2. Alternative investment means putting your investment dollars in different companies, industries, and
asset classes.
3. Asset allocation is the process of determining what percentage of your investment portfolio should be put
into different asset classes, such as cash, stocks, and bonds.
4. The terms "bear" and "bull" are used to describe how investors see the "ups" and "downs" of the stock
5. The Securities Exchange Commission is a regulatory organization created to protect US investors by
maintaining fair markets.
Part 2: Multiple Choice
Answer the following by selecting the letter in front of the correct response.
6. A managed collection of cash, stocks, bonds, and other securities is known as a
a. Mutual fund
b. Money market fund
c. No-load fund
d. Closed-end fund
7. What is an example of an alternate investment?
a. Hedge funds
b. Real estate
c. Collectibles
d. All of the above

Chapter 17 Diversifying Dollars
Chapter Assessment

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8. Which of the following is NOT an equity fund?
a. Growth funds
b. Sector funds
c. Index funds
d. Balanced funds
9. Basic economic indicators used by economists, financial advisors, investors, and government officials are
a. Gross Domestic Product
b. Consumer Confidence Index
c. Consumer Price Index
d. All of the above
10. A mutual fund that only issues a certain number of shares and no new ones as investor demand grows is
called a
a. Fixed income fund
b. Closed-end fund
c. Balanced fund
d. No-load fund

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A mutual fund that does not charge a commission or sales charge is called an open-end fund.
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