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Encik Hafiz is a Malaysian citizen worked as a government officer at Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia for the past 12 years. His top management had encouraged staff with more than 10 years of services to pursue postgraduate study abroad especially in Australia. Following this encouragement, 15 scholarships from the Ministry of Education were offered to eligible staff. Encik Hafiz was among the successful candidates during the scholarship interview pursue his study in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years commencing from 3 January 2017 until 31 December 2019. Required: Based on the provision of Income Tax Act (ITA) 1967, briefly explain whether Encik Hafiz is a resident in Malaysia for the years of assessment 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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Richardson hired j.c. flood company, a plumbing contractor, to correct a stoppage in the sewer line of her house. the plumbing company's 'snake' device, used to clear the line leading to the main sewer, became caught in the underground line. to release it, the company excavated a portion of the sewer line in richardson's backyard. in the process, the company discovered numerous leaks in a rusty, defective water pipe that ran parallel with the sewer line. to meet public regulations, the water pipe, of a type no longer approved for such service, had to be replaced either then or later, when the yard would have to be excavated again. the plumbing company proceeded to repair the water pipe. though richardson inspected the company's work daily and did not express any objection to the extra work involved in replacing the water pipe, she refused to pay any part of the total bill after the company completed the entire operation. j.c. flood company then sued richardson for the costs of labor and material it had furnished. (c) for what, if anything, should richardson be liable? explain."
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What is a joint venture? a. an arrangement in which one firm contracts with another to operate a business under an established name according to specific rules. b. a cooperative effort among two or more organizations that share a common interest in a business enterprise or undertaking. c. an effort in which one firm grants access to its patents and trademarks for a fee. d. an arrangement where one firm contracts with another to produce products to its specifications. e. an arrangement by which one firm provides management to another firm.
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