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The dust bowl years spanned 1930-1936, when a million acres of farmland across the plains became unusable due to severe drought and over-farming. when dust bowl conditions devastated farmers, many defaulted on their bank loans, which lead to the widespread bank failure. franklin d. roosevelt called for restoration in america with a promise that there are better days ahead. what is the best definition you can infer for the word "restoration" from the excerpt above? bringing back to former position or condition re-establish monarchy replacement giving back

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Hey guys can you write any example for this
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In the poem "we wear the mask," paul laurence dunbar voices his repressed anger and frustration toward american society. he repeats the title phrase three times in the poem, using the words mask and we to show that the first use of the phrase is matter-of-fact. in the second stanza, the statement is followed by a period, which shows resignation. however, at the end of the poem, dunbar almost shouts the phrase defiantly. the mask seems to become something he wears proudly. through this gradual emphasis on the phrase, dunbar could be implying that
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Give two details about the social and economic climate of the 1930s. were these details noted in to kill a mockingbird
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What do the excerpts have in common? both point out the tragic nature of situations in which children make journeys without their parents. both describe what immigrant children must do to survive when traveling to the united states. both explain why most children want to leave central america without their parents. both indicate the tragic problems and their consequences that children in central america must face.
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The dust bowl years spanned 1930-1936, when a million acres of farmland across the plains became unu...
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