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Whats the is distance between (-9, 1) and (-9, 6)

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Find the perimeter of the figure shown above. a. 40 cm c. 52 cm b. 60 cm d. 75 cm select the best answer from the choices provided
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Asquare picture with sides of 32 inches is to be mounted on a square mat with sides of 52 inches. find the area of the mat that will remain uncovered by the picture.
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This is a map of the mars exploration rover opportunity predicted landing site on mars. the scale is 1cm : 9.4km. what are the approximate measures of the actual length and width of the ellipse? i mostly need to know how to set it up : )
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If my mom gets $13.05 an hour, and she works from 3: 30 to 10: 45 in the morning, how much money does my mom make?
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Whats the is distance between (-9, 1) and (-9, 6)...
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