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Down with homework common lit answers

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What type of figurative language is used in this passage from "letter from birmingham jail"? just as the prophets of the eighth century b.c. left their villages and carried their "thus saith the lord" far beyond the boundaries of their hometowns, and just as the apostle paul left his village of tarsus and carried the gospel of jesus christ to the far corners of the greco roman world, so am i compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own hometown. allusion symbolism imagery metaphor
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Agood persuasive essay topic cannot be a. a fact b. debatable c. something somebody else has already written about
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According to aristotle, what is an "artistic" proof?
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Which sentence shows the correct use of a common homophone? my dog was unable to relocate it’s buried bone. our old oak tree has dropped all of it’s leaves. the overplayed song has lost its appeal for me. its been too many weeks since it last rained.
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