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Read the excerpt from warriors don't cry. as we approached behind them, we could see only the clusters of white people that stretched for a distance of two blocks along the entire span of the school building. my mind could take in the sights and sounds only one by one: flashing cameras, voices shouting in my ears, men and women jostling each other, old people, young people, people running, uniformed police officers walking, men standing still, men and women waving their fists, and then the long line of uniformed soldiers carrying weapons just like in the war movies i had seen. which words create the mood in the excerpt? check all that apply.
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Read this excerpt from "we shall overcome." hundreds of thousands of people sang them. but sometimes, it was one lone person with a guitar. they sang in segregated bus stations, picket lines, freedom marches, concert stadiums, city squares, and videos. when injustice of oppression threatens, people sing protest songs to proclaim their resistance, publicize their cause, and encourage hope for a better future, based on this excerpt as an introductory paragraph, which of the following would you expect to read about in the article? different groups of people who were oppressed the ways that music brings diverse groups of people together similarities between historical movements that provided rights for groups of people different song styles throughout specific historical events
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What do the excerpts have in common? both point out the tragic nature of situations in which children make journeys without their parents. both describe what immigrant children must do to survive when traveling to the united states. both explain why most children want to leave central america without their parents. both indicate the tragic problems and their consequences that children in central america must face.
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Answer this correctly what is the cause and effect
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